Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Infinite and Beyond!

Some days I have to think really hard for topics to write about, other days... well, I tend to attract adventures.  I thought today was going to be a normal day, but we ran out of a stock item and I needed to go to storage to get more.  I've only ever been twice and although I was trying to pay attension, nothing compares to the actual experience yourself.  I wasn't exactly sure where it was located; though I knew the general area.  Once in, I had the code, but wasn't exactly sure what building.  (I guessed right.)  Once parked, I got a dolly and again, wasn't exactly sure where I was going.  I didn't know for sure what floor I needed nor how to get there.  You can see how this was going to be a comedy of errors from the get-go, right? 

Not knowing which floor to stop on (though there were only three choices), I guessed 2 and nothing happened.  Very confused, I tried 3, got off the elavator and this is what I saw:

Uhhh yeah, this non-descript walls didn't help my confusion.  I did notice the door there said 590-something.  "This can't be right," I thought.  I got back on the elevator (once I manuvered my dolly; not an easy task) and pushed 2 again.  When the doors opened up, I saw my car!  "Oh no", I exclaimed, "3 must be the right floor!" 

(It was about this time I realized two things.  One, previously when I hit 2 and nothing happened, because I was not-so-obviously already on 2.  Two, I needed to document this journey into the unknown.  Comical things tend to happen to me.)

I continued down the hallway, hoping for the best... only to come to another hallway, with another set of non-descript walls, but I kept going.  I finally saw the door with a number range which looked promising.  (I forgot to take a picture!)  Once I pushed througth the door, I saw this:

Although this looks hopeless as well, the good news was there are now numbers on each "garage" door, so I knew I was geting close!  I found our unit at the end and went to pull the key from my pocket to unlock the door.... when I realized.... it wasn't in my pocket!!!  I frantically checked all my pockets, my jacket pocket, on the dolly, but NO KEY!

LOL  This is the face I made when I realized I didn't have the key!  (Everytime I see this picture I crack up laughing.  It's good to laugh at one's self, right?)  I said, "OK, God, please let the key still be in my cup holder!"  I calmly started to walk back through the maze of hallways, when all of a sudden, a sense of urgency sprang up in me and I began sprinting down the hallways!  (*enter Chariots of Fire theme song*).

I got back to the car, unlocked the doors and WHEW, there was the key!  "Thanks, God!"  I honestly didn't think I lost it - my name would have been mud if so.  I figured I'd just forgot it, when trying to remember everything else.  Indeed, that was the case.  So, back on the elevator, through the maze of hallways, to our locker.  Once I got the door open, a familiar yet daunting task was ahead of me...

...where O where would the magnet hooks be? 

Thankfully, I found them immediately and set them on the dolly outside.

Not knowing if we needed anything else, I locked up the door and took a final picture of myself, relieved and happy that I survived my first solo trip to the storage unit.  To infinite and beyond!


d$ said...

the lights in the public storage units are usually motion controlled, and sometimes when i go to our public storage unit, i like to walk right up to the edge of the darkness, then wave my hands in a "wah-lah!" fashion just to make the lights go on, because it looks like i made it happen. just sayin.

Poet4Him77 said...

You're awesome. I can totally picturing you doing that too, with all the gusto and dramatic flare; some might say, just like Mickey does in that movie... Sorry, I don't know Disney movies. Know which one I mean though? With the dancing elephants?? Ohhhh Fantasia.