Monday, November 2, 2009

Migrating Socks

I have to say that this is a rediculous post.  But it made me laugh thinking about it, so perhaps it'll bring joy into your day as well.

Perhaps I'm silly to be annoyed by something so trivial, but I really can't stand it when things don't do what they are supposed to do. Case in point: socks.

I love socks. New socks are the best! (Aren't they, Jennifer?) They have many jobs, like keeping your feet warm and protection from blisters and such. All kinds of people wear socks: Scottish bagpipe and soccer players wear them up to their knees; baseball players wear them with stripes; some even come made to fit your foot like a glove (toe socks). 

They're so cozy and hug your feet in all the right places, until that one fateful day, when you realize your socks have migrated somewhere it shouldn't have... far into your shoes.  Ducks migrate South for the winter, but why do my socks tend to head South about this time of year too?  Enough, I tell you! Enough of the madness! I will take it no more. Thus, the story of a pair of socks, which were finally sentanced to death. Oh, they cried out for one last chance, but no sir, off with their head!! Errr wrong story line.


This is how a sock should look in a shoe.

NOT like this.  Can you imagine how annoying it is to have your sock slip into your shoe all day?

There just shouldn't be this much sock left over at the top of my foot!

Therefore, my socks met a new fate tonight! 
(And yes, I realize they don't match.  Somewhere a long the way, I stopped matching socks and just started wearing them.  People rarely know what's on my feet... that is, unless I post it on the Internet! haha)


PS  I bought some new socks!



Jennifer said...

Yes! New socks ARE the best!!!! LOVED this post! I like your deep thoughts that inspire me, but would love to read more of this side of you as well. I especially needed a pick-me-up tonight! Thanks! It was hilarious!!!

Poet4Him77 said...

I'll definitely be posting more now that I have a computer again and back online as well! I'm glad you enjoyed this post!