Friday, November 20, 2009

Live in the Moment

The following pictures are ones I found "in the moment".  I literally live every day in the moment by capturing little segments of my life on film.  Each one brings back memories of the people I was with, things I was doing and how I felt when the shutter clicked.  I see beauty in the unexpected.  Sometimes a leaf on the ground is just as pretty as a sunset.  I find inspiration in the world around me.  God's given me a love of photography and I practice it whenever possible!

Captured on the way home from work.

I liked this tree.

It was a stormy day but there was a break in the clouds, which revealed the sun. Pretty neat!

Before the portrait.

If I remember correctly, these flowers only bloom once and then are dormant again until next year.  Talk about living in the moment!

Don't you love covered bridges?

Do you see the double rainbow?  I love rainbows.  Sometimes I refer to them as "freaks of nature".  :)

I love clouds.  They can be anything the imagination makes them to be.  On this particular night, there was a really bad storm blowing through town.  This wall of clouds brought heavy rain!

Simply beautiful.

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