Monday, September 29, 2008

No Fear!

As of my birthday, I resolved to stop living in fear of the unknown. Whatever that might look like. I decided that this year (birthday to birthday) was going to be different. It's like making that conscious decision flipped a switch in me! I've actually stuck to this dare to be different movement. Although, I don't have enough time in my life to get everything accomplished which I'd like to do. But, one of my biggest hurdles has been conquered... in a manner of speaking.

I joined the YMCA a month ago and have gone just about every day. Well, actually, my schedule is Monday-Thursday and Sunday. I'm doing something different each day, so my routine is not boring. Trust me, it's anything but. The Y has so many classes and different opportunities to work out, one could never get bored!! I discovered my favorite class is called Body Flow. It's a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Even though we're just "stretching", it's a tough class. Believe me! But, I love the challenge. When I walk in the room, I'm FREEZING, but twenty minutes into the class, I'm dripping in sweat. TMI? I feel stronger for having accomplished things in there. My friend Amy has been going with me! Yeah, Amy! I'm proud of you!!

Working out has also helped my emotional well-being. Those endorphins are lovely... but also, working out increases my self-esteem and my over-all health. I feel less crazy. If that makes any sense at all. It's drastically decreased my depression and thoughts that go along with it. Honestly, I'm often too tired to think about anything other than, OK how can I refuel by body and isn't it time for bed yet? (Which btw, I'm staying up late to finish this post!)

I've weighed myself twice. Once when I started and once about two weeks or so ago. As of then, I'd only lost a pound, but I believe I'm gaining muscle tone. (At least, that's what I'm telling myself and it makes me feel better.) Honestly, though, I think it's true. I'm lifting twice a week and do eight different stations, with weights anywhere from 30 to 125 pounds (depending on arms or legs). Six of the eight aren't that hard, but the other two, whewy, it's all I can do to get through them. But here again, those endorphins kick in. Though, it's usually after the fact. ha

I took a Body Jam class last Thursday night and nearly died. Ha not really. It's a class where they teach you four hip hop dances and keep you moving and groving and shaking and sweating! It's hard for me as I feel I have no coordination for such things. I spend a lot of time laughing at myself in the background. It's all good though. I burned 999 calories in an hour. Not bad, huh?

My book is at a lull at the moment. I chose to make exercise a priority. I'll work it back into my schedule soon. I doubt I'll make my Christmas deadline, but I can certainly try.

Well, I suppose that's enough of an update for now. In case you're curious, I LOVE my nephew and decided to make him his own blog (which I haven't had time to update with words, only images lately. Go see what you think... Grant.

Happy trails!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Just in case you wondered... I've been without Internet at home for about three weeks, hence no blog updates. I hope soon to be up and running. Then I'll try to give you a run down of what's going on Meredith's life. But it'll be hard, I'm a busy girl these days.

Happy trails!