Monday, April 28, 2008

O my soul, bless God!

My brain didn't wake up with me today. One thing after the other happened. Blessedly, five o'clock came pretty quickly. What will tomorrow bring, I don't know. I'm not sure whether it's better to be so crazy busy that I can't think straight? To have just enough to make the day go by? Or to not have anything to do at all? Not that last. That's how Friday was and I thought I was literally going to be carried away by the men in little, white coats. Oh well, tomorrow we get our lunch catered, which is exciting.

I've been listening to a book from iTunes called, "Sisterchicks Do the Hula" by Robin Jones Gunn. I own this book and LOVE anything this author has written so when I found her on iTunes, I just had to get it. It's so great and encouraging and it's funny how I find myself driving slower and I really don't mind traffic jams at all. (I even took the long way home tonight, which I shouldn't have done considering gas prices are outrageous, but anyway.) In the story, one of the main characters quoted Psalm 104 and I just found it so encouraging. I hope you do as well.

Psalm 104 (The Message)

1-14 O my soul, bless God! God, my God, how great you are!

beautifully, gloriously robed,
Dressed up in sunshine,
and all heaven stretched out for your tent.
You built your palace on the ocean deeps,
made a chariot out of clouds and took off on wind-wings.
You commandeered winds as messengers,
appointed fire and flame as ambassadors.
You set earth on a firm foundation
so that nothing can shake it, ever.
You blanketed earth with ocean,
covered the mountains with deep waters;
Then you roared and the water ran away—
your thunder crash put it to flight.
Mountains pushed up, valleys spread out
in the places you assigned them.
You set boundaries between earth and sea;
never again will earth be flooded.
You started the springs and rivers,
sent them flowing among the hills.
All the wild animals now drink their fill,
wild donkeys quench their thirst.
Along the riverbanks the birds build nests,
ravens make their voices heard.
You water the mountains from your heavenly cisterns;
earth is supplied with plenty of water.
You make grass grow for the livestock,
hay for the animals that plow the ground.

31-32 The glory of God—let it last forever!
Let God enjoy his creation!
He takes one look at earth and triggers an earthquake,
points a finger at the mountains, and volcanoes erupt.

33-35 Oh, let me sing to God all my life long,
sing hymns to my God as long as I live!
Oh, let my song please him;
I'm so pleased to be singing to God.
But clear the ground of sinners—
no more godless men and women!

O my soul, bless God!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Delight

Surrounded by Your shadow every need I have is met
When I'm waiting in Your presence every fear
Is put to rest
You belong to me and I belong to You
Nothing will ever come my way
That You won't see me through
I delight in the beauty of Your holiness
Because I won't find a love like Yours
In all the earthIn the quiet of Your chambers the love
I feel is made complete
In the mercy You have granted
I will rest for all eternity
You belong to me and I belong to You
Nothing will ever come my way
That You won't see me through
I delight in the beauty of Your holiness
Because I won't find a love like Yours
In all the earth
(Because I won't find a face like Yours
In all the earth)

There's a place in my heart, that is only for You
Where the warmth of your touch is what sees me through
The joy and the pain this life always brings
In the darkness I still find myself just wanting to sing about You
About You

You are my reason to breathe
A reason to keep on believing
And no one can come in between you and me
Well I will never look away
You will always be all that I see

There's a hole in my heart, where only you belong
And where I am most weak, you will always be strong
Your whispering voice will be all that I need
Through the valley and over the mountains,

I'll run anywhere that you lead me
That you lead me

You are my reason to breathe
A reason to keep on believing
And no one can come in between you and me
Well I will never look away
You will always be all that I see

By: Jason Morant

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Six little words... My mom used to say them all the time when I was little. It's funny, those things which I thought I'd never say, I find myself saying all the time. I find that interesting.

So much to say, where to start? Ok, first, recently I saw THE best movie I've seen in quite some time! Rent it. Buy it. Make sure you watch it. It gets the Meredith Seal of Approval! Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium I really wasn't expecting much, but boy was I surprised. It has a simplistic charm, which will have you laughing out loud moment, very thoughtful the next, then crying soon there after. There's a part in the beginning where Molly (played by Natalie Portman) realizes her life has become stagnent. She's basically going through the motions of life, but she's missing her "sparkle". Which she later discovers how to find.

But, this is me. I feel as though I've lost my sparkle. My zeal for life, if you will. I'm not depressed, per se. I just feel blah. I want things to change, yet don't know how to get over that 'hump'. I don't know how to incorporate those things which I'm most passionate about into everyday life. Work is just so exhausting. Surely there's a job out there that fits me? If that changed, would I be sparkly? Or is it a matter of getting out of myself. I'm obviously entirely too analytical and I overthink everything.

I need my sparkle back. How do I get it?

Second, money. You remember me telling you about my wreck last month. Well fast forward to present day and without rehashing any of the details (because I'm frankly sick of talking/thinking about it, even though you might not know what I'm talking about). Blessedly, I got a good tax refund back (at least for my poor self standards). I had plans for that money. I wanted to buy a few things, like new tennis shoes, which I desperately need. But, random things have come up and I've had to be an adult and take care of them. I shouldn't stress about money, I know. God has ALWAYS taken care of my needs! I've never once gone hungry, nor have my bills not been paid. But still I worry....

Third, my mom told me recently, "You have to discipline yourself to be disciplined." Wise words. I'm not disciplined in many or very few areas of my life. So, I'm starting out in little ways, such as filing. Oy! You see, last year, I put off filing all our post-closing stuff, because, let's face it, I'm lazy. I just didn't feel like it. Well, we got word last week that an Auditor was coming to our office this week and everything had to be filed away. Which of course, freaked and stressed me out. A few days and MANY hours later, I got mostly everything filed away. Miracle!

So today, when I received a stack, no lie, a foot deep. My first thought was, I'll do it tomorrow. Then I said to myself, self, you've got to discipline yourself to be disciplined. So, I organized it and got everything filed away. You just don't know how huge that was. I'm very proud of myself.

Fourth, life is interesting. I heard my Pastor say something recently, (paraphrase) 'if you're always wanting what is on the other side of the fence, be careful, the reason that grass is greener probably means a higher water bill.' I'm jealous of all my married friends. I yearn to be in that type of relationship, but then I hear how they too are struggling with many of the same things I struggle with, as a single girl. It makes me think.

I am lonely and long to have a best friend, who will one day be a husband. I just want someone to share my life with. Is that too much to ask? I'm a great girl. I feel as though I've got so much to offer, but I'm invisible. At least, it often feels that way. Always one of the guys, never anything more. It makes me think somethings wrong with me... but that's just Satan getting at me. Go away, Satan. Your comments aren't welcome! God created me to be exactly whom He wanted me to be. And I know He's got the perfect plan all set up for me. Patience is the name of the game.

Well, that's a pretty decent update. I need to get to bed. Would love to hear how my blog friends are doing. Drop by and leave me a comment.

Monday, April 21, 2008

6 Words

I'm attempting to get to bed early tonight, so as much as I want to write about my life right now, I'm going to limit it to the "Six Word Memior Challenge" I read about on my friend Stacey's blog (Keep Going).....

My first thought was, "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar", but then I decided on: "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine"

I'll have to expound on that later. I promise to update soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yoplait Seamstress ad

I love this commercial! Have you seen it? The funny thing is, my mom and I have a lot of conversations like this. haha Who's on first?!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Forever and another day

Wow. I haven't updated in forever. This past week was a bit of a blur. I got sick last Monday morning with what I thought to be allergies, but I quickly realized this wasn't the case. After a DR visit, I had contagious bronchitis, which left me out of work the rest of the week. Then on Wednesday-Thursday, I had the worst migraine I remember having in quite some time. When nothing would dull the pain, I just cried. Which made it worse. I remember thinking, Ok, God, you can take me home now. Blessedly, I fell asleep and when my mom showed up to check on me and brought reinforcements. It finally went away that afternoon. (That might have been too much detail?)

I feel pretty disconnected from the world, though, I don't necessarily mind. I've done a lot of daytime TV watching.... which isn't all bad, actually. Remember the old episodes of "Kate and Alli"? That was a fun find. I'll miss those this week. I actually did A LOT of sleeping and movie watching. I saw a couple this weekend that were really good (the titles are escaping me presently, I'll have to get back to you on those).

Today I uploaded a million pictures to Picasa, check out my gallery if you'd like:

Ok. I've gotta to get to bed. 7:16 is going to be a rude awakening tomorrow... err in a few hours.