Tuesday, January 4, 2011

21 Days

Homework.  I've never liked homework.  Not in school, not as an adult.  I mean, who wants to bring work home?!  As much as I've always loved blogging, it started to feel like work.  So, I just sorta stopped.  God's given me this desire, passion and the ability to write things that most people don't see or know or even get until they read what I write.  Which is pretty amazing!  Humbling and amazing!  During my blogging hiatus, I feel as though I've been dishonoring God by not using those talents.  I've been thinking about that a lot lately. 

I've been working on, well, praying about what I should do for my next  "feet" project.  (What is "feet" project?  It's a whole other story that I don't feel like sharing right now.  Soon though.) Essentially, I was created for a specific purpose.  Now, what that purpose is, I'm not sure yet.  I might not know the full extent this side of Heaven (which is frustrating).  God's given me these passions so I need to use them.  So... I've decided I need to blog again. 

How long will I blog?  I don't know, as life is b-u-s-y!  I'm thankful that I'm busy.  It's a blessing the things and people I'm busy with.  My life has drastically changed the past nine months in ways I can't even begin to describe.  I'm extremely thankful for those blessings, but at the same time, I'm busy and therefore can't get as much done.  Or so I think...

Every January my church, Church of the Highlands, does 21 days of prayer and fasting.  It's essentially a tithe for our year.  We are giving God our first in the new year.  In past years, I've given up certain things such as listening to secular music.  (I remember how hard that was.  I was so committed that if I walked into a store and the radio was on, I walked right out.)  Well, most of the church does a total food fast (water only).  Some do a media fast, while some others does something specific they feel God is leading them to give up.  Ultimately, it's an offering to God.  Less of me and more God.

I personally can't do the no food thing.  I know my body and I would get horrendous headaches.  However, I can give God others things, such as my Facebook time.  Gosh, FB is like a Venus fly trap!!  I hop on to check something really 'quick' and the next thing I know, three hours have passed and it's time for bed.  So, yeah, I can give that up.  Sure, I might miss my friends and what's going on in their lives.  I'll also miss playing Scrabble with my sister, but you know what?  I can use that time I would have spent playing on the computer to do something productive.  Goodness knows there's not enough productive hours in the day! 

Jason also suggested I give up something I really love, like my nightly mug of Publix's frozen peanut butter cup yogurt.  It's ridiculous how much I love this stuff.  When he mentioned it last night, I replied by saying, "I can't give it up for a whole month!  God knows I can't do that!"  haha  So he said, take it a week at a time.  Week one: no Facebook.  Week two: No refined sugars (only natural sweeteners, like honey).  Week three: Haven't figured that one out yet, but perhaps add more fruits and vegetables into my diet.  Because, frankly I don't get enough.  My diet is not entirely the best for me.  I eat way too many carbs!  I'm not fueling my body with the things it needs to be strong and productive. 

Which leads me to the next step in my attack.  I want to get healthy.  Not just because around the globe made a resolution/"commitment" to get in shape.  No, no.  I never make resolutions like that.  I know this sounds crazy, but I know myself.  If I resolve to do something, it usually falls by the wayside within the first month.  Which causes me to get down on myself.  Instead, I set goals.  Sometimes I have to make them small and attainable, so I can push myself to the big ones!

Jason and I have decided to work out three days a week this semester instead of doing a small group.  Last night was our first night to really go at it.  We did about 25 minutes of cardio and 30ish minutes of lifting weights.  The gym was super packed.  I hope it's not always like that!  But it was amazing!  It was hard and it hurt and I sweated like a pig.  (Although, I'm not entirely sure that pigs actually do sweat!  Where did that expression come from anyway?)  The workout was really good.  I came home exhausted, but energized.  (Though, I did have an unscheduled nap in front of the TV before bed.)  I slept hard and woke up without any sore muscles.  That's good!  Guess that means I need to push myself harder and do more tomorrow night? 

I was on the way home from work tonight, when I was talking with God.  Not necessarily praying, just talking with Him about life.  It dawned on me that this was to be my blog post, but I knew if I didn't get those thoughts down then, I doubt I would remember them later.  Usually I think of good things to talk about while sitting in traffic, but by the time I'm in front of the computer; it's flown the coop!  I had the bright idea to use the voice recorder on my phone and talk through what I wanted to say.  Then when I got home, I would dictate back to myself what I wanted to say.  Good idea huh? 

So, yeah... this is the beginning of some kind of new journey.  I will do my best to be faithful.  Happy trails, friends!