Monday, April 7, 2008

Forever and another day

Wow. I haven't updated in forever. This past week was a bit of a blur. I got sick last Monday morning with what I thought to be allergies, but I quickly realized this wasn't the case. After a DR visit, I had contagious bronchitis, which left me out of work the rest of the week. Then on Wednesday-Thursday, I had the worst migraine I remember having in quite some time. When nothing would dull the pain, I just cried. Which made it worse. I remember thinking, Ok, God, you can take me home now. Blessedly, I fell asleep and when my mom showed up to check on me and brought reinforcements. It finally went away that afternoon. (That might have been too much detail?)

I feel pretty disconnected from the world, though, I don't necessarily mind. I've done a lot of daytime TV watching.... which isn't all bad, actually. Remember the old episodes of "Kate and Alli"? That was a fun find. I'll miss those this week. I actually did A LOT of sleeping and movie watching. I saw a couple this weekend that were really good (the titles are escaping me presently, I'll have to get back to you on those).

Today I uploaded a million pictures to Picasa, check out my gallery if you'd like:

Ok. I've gotta to get to bed. 7:16 is going to be a rude awakening tomorrow... err in a few hours.


StaceyStace said...

Glad you're back - and that you are feeling better!

~Amanda~ said...

Hey girl, Thanks for checking out my page! I added you as my friend..thank you!! Hope you are feeling better! :)

Poet4Him77 said...

Amanda, yes, MUCH better, thanks! And sure, I'm always happy to support another blogger friend.