Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rockin' Around the Pre-Thanksgiving Tree


I know, I know, it's too early to be talking about Christmas; but is it really?  Believe it or not, it's about six weeks away.  In my family, we always put up the tree and such Thanksgiving weekend, but a month doesn't seem long enough to enjoy the festive decorations.  Since I've had my own house, I've left everything up well into January, but that just puts me in the "Is she crazy category?"  Though, one might reason two weeks into November would warrant questioning my sanity.  But here's the thing.  I love this time of year.  I love fall.  I love the cooler weather.  I love how everything and everyone seemingly comes alive.  So, why not enjoy it just a little bit earlier? 

I created a playlist on iTunes for Christmas music and away I went.  It took a lot longer to get everything up than I had intended, however, there was a bit of a learning curve on some projects.  One in particular I doubt I'll ever do again, but it's pretty neat, so who knows.

I used this r-e-a-l-l-y long strand to add some festivity to the upstairs.  However, this was NOT easy and about half way through I nearly gave up.  But I was also half way done, so I push through the rediculousness to get this project completed!  What do you think?  At least, I had the fore-thought to double it up before beginning!

My friend SJB made this Nativity family for me quite a few years ago.  She's one of the most creative people I know!  Whenever I pull this family out of the box and slowly unwrap the tissue paper, I just smile and think of my friend.

I had a wee incident along the way.  I had finally unraveled the tangled cords and was on my way outside, dragging (first mistake) the cord behind me, when all the sudden it got stuck on something.  I'm sure any rational human being would have gone to investigate, but I didn't think through what I was about to do and yanked on the cord instead (second mistake).  The next thing I hear is *pop*, *pop*, *pop*!  I look behind me and there on my new tiled kitchen floor lay several bulbs that bit the dust!  Once I got everything cleaned up, replaced the broken bulbs, then I was back in business. 

I've actually never really decorated outside; wanted to, but wasn't sure how.  I do have a Reindeer stake that I uh, well, stake into the yard.  I'll have to show you what that looks like later.  I got the lights hung around my door frame and for some reason, the thought of when the Israelites "painted" their doors in blood for the Passover came to mind.  Not sure why, interesting thought though.  I was talking to my mom later about what I'd accomplished today.  She said, "You mean the lights are on now?"  "Sure," I said.  "Don't you think it's a little bit early for that?"  In my defense, I was thinking Thanksgiving was this coming weekend.  So, I unplugged the lights.  :)

My parents gave me this fancy nativity for CHRISTmas last year.  I couldn't wait to use it this year and found the perfect spot on the hearth.  However, there's a shepard boy that I wasn't able to find room for.  (hahaha  No room at the inn!)  Ahem, sorry, I walked right into that and couldn't resist.

I love my "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree!  It's actually not that small at 6.5 feet.  There are so many benefits to using a fake tree rather than a real one, including, but not limited to: very little clean up and the fact you can bend up the branches for particularly heavy ornaments. 

Or in the case of my friend Pooh here, I had to create a "seat belt" to keep him from falling out of the tree.  Ornaments are like walking down memory lane.  I found different ones from friends and family alike.  I always try to write on the bottom who gave it to me and what year.  Thanks in part to my Mom and Sister, I tree is a lot fuller this year! 

For the most part, I'm done.  Though, my method of decorating much like many things in my life, I use the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid.  :)  Less is more in my book.  I had a lot of fun today.  Hope you get the chance to celebrate Christmas just a little big longer too!

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