Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Clothes Line of Cyberspace

I gotta tell you. This whole blog thing is not only pretty intimidating but frankly, kinda scarey as well. My thoughts, feelings and fears hang on the proverbial clothes line of cyberspace. It would be nieve of me to think that no one reads my words. It's a catch 22, really. Yes, I want others to read my blog, but at the same time, what if something I say sparks a negative remark? As a writer, you'd think I'd be used to it. But I suppose, I've never written for such a large unbiased audience before. Perhaps I shouldn't care. Perhaps I shouldn't be so analytical. But then again, that's like asking me not to question. I don't know how not to be me. Though, in all honestly, I'm still figuring out what makes me, me.

My whole life has been a struggle. A struggle to prove myself at each and every turn. I'm constantly underestimated, overlooked, and underappreciated... I often feel invisible. But these factors, have led me to be the way I am today.

I rarely take anything at face value
I question everything
I'm fiercely competive, but also utterly passionate
I'm an artist
One who finds the silver lining in everything
Outspoken, yet shy
One who loves deeply, and whole-heartedly
Pensive, reflective, introspective and imaginative
One who doesn't follow the crowd
A child of God
Half Spanish, half German
One who smiles a lot
Constantly thinking
One who wonders what others think
In need of refinement
A sinner
Thirsty (for Him)
Not afraid of getting dirty
One with many 'hats'
One who also wears many 'masks'
One who doesn't often express my emotions
One who is tactile
Deeply committed to friends
The Bride of Christ
Was once hidden and unknown
Kind hearted
A child of the 80's
One with learning disabilities
One who spells phonetically
One who shies away from conflict
One who often feels misunderstood
One with a child-like curiosity
Extremely inquisitive
Right handed
In need of Him
Very observant
Apart of the 268 Generation (Isaiah 26:8)
Easily distracted
A worrier
A list maker

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StaceyStace said...

I think it is the struggles in life that helps us learn who we are and leads us to God.

I know, sometimes I struggle with how transparent to be on the blogosphere, but I'm glad we have this way to express ourselves and connect with others. Since we do not have a captive audience, if someone does not like what we have to say, well, there are other things to read! But hopefully we can encourage one another with our freedom to write - and I enjoy reading your blog.