Friday, September 14, 2007

Coincidence? You decide.

OK, so a few months ago, I recommended my friend at work to Netflix. After a few days, I emailed customer service and asked if they gave some kind of referral bonus when current members help bring in new members. To which they said, 'Sorry, no, but thanks.'

Fast forward to today, I get this email from Netflix.... Give one month free to your friends and if they join, you get one free movie for each new membership. I was like, WAIT! Didn't you all just tell me you don't do that? And now, you come out with this new thing?!?! Did you steal my idea??

You decide.... Coincidence or not?


StaceyStace said...

Hey, Meredith! I don't think this is a coincidence. I think you should call back and say - okay, NOW give me a discount!

Meredith Quintana said...

haha! Glad someone else agrees with me! My friend and I are always trying to invent something. I think I'll take credit for this!!