Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Nature of the Beast

Remember a few months ago when my internal network card went capooey or something of that nature? And I had to go through the "trauma" of figuring out what to do next? Well, wouldn't you know it, the replacement external thingamabob broke recently. Without getting too technical, there's a small prong which holds the Ethernet cable in place. But, it wasn't made very well and somehow the flappy thing broke. After much frustration, I finally found the connection and decided to duct tape it in place. Which, in theory, was a great idea. But it's not a completely secure connection, so every once in a while, if I move just right, I lose connection. Arg.

I'm back at square one where I was a few months ago. Do I purchase another external thingamabob, but with a better connection port? Or do I spend a little bit more and get a wireless router? That's the question of the hour. I've done a lot of thinking and it just makes sense to 'splurge' and get the router. I'm not that concerned about the price - only because I have an unexpected $50 gift card from Toyota for the test drive that I didn't take. (I think I talked about that in an earlier post?) Not to say I'm just throwing money away, no, not at all. I want to use it wisely and think this is the way.

My other concern is that something will go wrong while I'm installing it. Because, let's face it people, my life is like that theory of relativity or whatever it's called. Anything that can go wrong, will. It's just the nature of the beast in the Quintana family. So, while I trust my computer skills, as I'm somewhat of a geek and know my way around a commuter. I didn't do so hot in networking class. In fact, I think it was the only C I made my whole time at Virginia College.

Therefore, I enlisted the help of my friend Amy's husband, Tommy. I told him about my situation and asked his opinion on what I should do. He agreed with me to go for the wireless router. In the long run, it'll add a tremendous amount of freedom for me. (I'm currently trapped in my bedroom, as far as the Ethernet cord will reach. Which given the fact I have to move my laptop v-e-r-y c-a-r-f-u-l-l-y in order to maintain connection, as previously mentioned. I can't get too far.)

So, I purchased this one from NewEgg.com. Hopefully I made the right choice. It's not like me to just purchase something without doing a ton of research, but I trust Tommy's opinion. He said he's had this one for years and hasn't had a problem with it since he bought it. Plus, another good thing, he'll know how to help me should something go wrong. Which, well, you know. Speaking of which, my "L" key just went flying off the keyboard. I kid you not!! Do you see my apprehension? hahalooolollll (That's what happens when mashing the L back in place!)


Jennifer said...

That is hilarious, Mer!!!!

And no, I don't remember reading about the Toyota test drive that you didn't take. Maybe I missed a post somewhere.

Poet4Him77 said...

Maybe I thought I talked about it, but didn't. Short recap. Hoover Toyota is the worst and rudest place ever. So when I recently received a "come in and test drive a car, then receive a $50 visa". I had mixed emotions. When I did the same thing last year, the sales man was so RUDE to me. But I decided to go anyway and tell them up front I wasn't interested in buying anything, as my car is nearly paid off. And since gas prices are high, I'll save them money by not test driving a vehicle I probably won't ever buy. I think they appreciated the honesty. They signed my coupon and I left, hassle free.