Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Too Tired...

I really want to talk about church tonight, but I'm so exhausted, I can hardly stand it. I actually told myself not to blog tonight, so I'm only doing a short mini-one. Cheating? Perhaps. But anyway, church was awesome. I'm so glad I went.

Also, perhaps because it's so freaking hot outside, tons of living creatures have decided to come live with me. My friend who's in Africa right now is probably laughing at me, or at least, she knows how I feel. Yesterday I bought ant killer (traps and spray). Today, big, scarey roaches are all up in my house!! I thought maybe it was just one that snuck in when I came in. But oh no!!!! There have been at least 10!!!!! I sprayed them to death! Then, just to make sure, I went around and sucked them up in the vacuum cleaner. I'm insaine, I know. Admitance is the first step, right.

Ok, I must go to bed.

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