Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bubble Wrap

A package came in the mail yesterday afternoon. My first thought was, "Oh great, one more thing for me to deal with." (Had the cute UPS guy delivered it, I might have felt differently. But alas, it was our usual guy. Don't get me wrong, nice guy and all, but not for me. Cute UPS boy always makes my day.) Anyway, by this point in the day, I'm just plain tired. I'm tired of answering the phone on the first ring (sometimes, a completely unrealistic thing to happen). I'm tired of having to "figure it out". I'm tired of doing all the work that no one wants to do and I get stuck with it. I'm just tired, you know?

I cut the box open to find sheet after sheet of bubble wrap!!! I immediately unpacked the very overprotected, essentially plastic waste toner box for the printer (really, folks, all that bubble wrap for something that's plastic?) I took them all to my coworker so that we might have a little fun before the day was over. Now, as I previously stated, I was dragging!!! It was all I could do to answer the phone and not sound like I wanted to go postal on anyone who spoke with me. But within the span of opening the box up and finding my treasure, I was immediately energized!!!

I tried the "normal" method of popping it with my thumb and forfinger, but I could only contain my sheer and utter joy for so long. The next thing I know, I've placed the sheets onto the floor, kicked off my shoes and I'm literally jumping up and down with joy on the bubble wrap! Christie and I were cracking up! It was awesome.

It reminded me.... even on those days when you can hardly 'keep moving' (that's for you, Stacey), I find it interesting how God places, what I call (actually borrowed from Robin Jones Gunn), "pockets of grace". (Something you don't deserve, but God gives it to you anyway - Meredith translation.)

As the *pop* *pop* *pop* continued to fill the room, I smiled to know that God loves me. He knows me. He knows what to do to make me laugh. What will bring sunshine into my otherwise deary day. As my sister might say, in her "I'm a cool mom" voice, "That's just how He rolls!"

By the way, should you like to have of this same sheer joy, only within the span of the virtual world, check out this link:


Studio A La Mode said...

I wasn't having a bad day, like you were, when bubble wrap brought joy to my fingers earlier this week! What is it about bubble wrap?! Everyone loves it!!

poet4him77 said...

Studio, yes, it's a universal smile to anyone it comes in contact with. I often wonder about things, like... do the people who make bubble wrap get in trouble for popping it at work? Or if every day, we had a bubble popping break, would the company as a whole work better.

StaceyStace said...

Thanks, Meredith! I'm glad God gave you just what you needed to keep you going!
I think He smiles when we enjoy His good gifts.

poet4him77 said...

Stacey, I think so too. I wonder if He's up in Heaven, just hoping we'll "stop and smell the roses" or find His love notes through out the day.