Monday, January 12, 2009

Cadence: Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

You'll never guess who really likes cardio now, maybe even more than weights?!!? Yep, you're looking at her! Well, at least, reading her thoughts, or something like that. When I read a book, I have to walk a little slower so I don't fall off and kill myself, which is what I nearly did (twice) the first time. Now, I've gotten it down to a science. I can actually walk at 3mph as long as I put the book in front of me and still can see my feet. When whoooosh 45 minutes flies by like 20!

When I'm not reading, I created a play list on my iPod which songs match the beat/rhythm of what my feet might be doing. It's a lot easier with faster songs to find cadence. Oooh, one day I found cadence. (Do you know what that means? If not, leave a message and I'll let you know.) It was perfect. I've heard about it, usually referring to spinning, but I found it on the treadmill. Since then I've tried to find it again, and although I haven't reached the same level of "perfection", I've found I'm actually getting in shape. Shocker, I know.

This is the beginning of my 5 month and I still haven't lost any weight -- though I haven't gained any either -- but my clothes are falling off of me. This is how I measure success. Plus, I feel really good about myself after a hard and sweaty workout. Tonight, I walked 2.5 miles at 3mph for 45 minutes. Then lifted 10 of 12 machines and learned a new one, which my abs might regret in the morning. Ha, soreness is alright. I'm determined this is going to be my year to really find that skinny (healthy) girl inside of me. I'm excited.

Off to get a really good night's rest. Happy trails.

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