Monday, November 3, 2008


Can I just get a few things off my chest?
  1. Why are people incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions?
  2. Why don't people pick up their dog's poop when they go in the yard?
  3. Why do people park in my parking spot? Or park in such a way it makes it nearly impossible for me to park?
  4. Why does no one ever clean up their mess in the kitchen? Replace the paper towel roll? Push in their chairs? Fill the ice trays? (at work)
  5. Why doesn't anyone ever put anything back where they found in in the first place?
  6. Why am I the only one who knows how to fix a paper jam?
  7. Why ask a questions you already know the answer to?
  8. Why ask me to figure something out when others are perfectly capable of doing it themselves?
  9. Why are people so lazy?
  10. Why do people return phone calls without... a) Knowing whom they need to speak with and b) listening to their voice mail first
  11. Why are people so rude on the phone?
  12. How come if the saying goes, "Don't shoot the messagener", the messenger usually gets "shot"?
  13. Why do people get impatient/mad at me for things that are both out of my control and usually could have been avoided if they planned better?
  14. Why don't people talk to me at work unless they want something?
  15. Why are people so negative?
  16. How come it takes me being sick or gone on vacation before people appreciate what I do?
  17. Why can't people be more encouraging?

Anyway, enough 'why's' for one day.

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