Saturday, November 15, 2008

When God Ran

I first heard this song in high school during chapel. It's one of those songs which immediately breaks down any walls which you might have put up. Every single time I hear it, my eyes fill with tears. I love the message. To think that God would RUN to meet me after I've wallowed in the filth of this world. How much am I like the prodigal son? I often feel like I don't deserve His love. I'm so unworthy of the Gift He gave so long ago. But thankfully, He doesn't see it that way. No matter how far I run, He's always there to love on me when I turn back to Him.

"He says, Son (Daughter), do you know I still love you?"

Today, if you're running from something, running anywhere but towards the Father, take this time now to talk to Him about it. He knows everything anyway. He's ready for you to come Home. He's ready to RUN to YOU!


Jennifer said...

Mer! I was singing this song earlier this week after not thinking about it in years! I first heard it in my Junior High Sunday School. Kelly Massengale sang it, I think. This song always blows me away. (And what do you know, here it is on another Sunday morning and I am hearing it again. Coincidence???)

I think there are many of us this song ministers to, and I think that we are entering a time of God calling His bride back to Himself and purifying us, so this song will be ministering to a lot more people in the days, weeks, and months to come. I am so glad you posted it.

Poet4Him77 said...

How neat! David Irwin sang when I heard it first. It was also the day the man came and did that painting, that was completely different once he turned on the lights. Do you remember that?

Jennifer said...

I remember the painting. (I LOVED that!) but I don't remember David Irwin singing that song, or any song. I don't remember him singing. Oh wait, I do remember he was in the choir, but I don't remember any solos.

Cool beans.