Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jumping Jacks in the Cold

I'm having trouble getting started today... on many levels. I've started, stopped and erased many paragraphs already. For me, it's hard to know how what to write sometimes. I want to just write about whatever, but then I think about those which might be reading. See, I kinda feel invincible on here. It's just me and the computer, that is, until I press "Publish Post". Then my thoughts are available for all the world to see. That's kinda daunting. It makes me second guess that which I say. What do you think about about that when writing on your blogs?

As a writer, I write about what I know. The people I come see. The places I go. (This sounds like the Sesame Street theme song.) People who hang out with me, run the risk of being written about. Isn't that how it is for all writers?


Friday night I had the opportunity to hang out with my friend CP. We both weren't interested in being alone on Halloween, so she came over for pizza and a movie. While the pizza was reheating (yay new Pampered Chef stone!), we started talking about migraines. When often do we get them? Are there triggers? What we do to make them go away? She recently visited her eye Dr (Optimoligist?) and the Dr said there's now a test they can run to see if your headache might be something more than just headaches. I wasn't that concerned until CP started mentioning some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for... I have a lot of them. Migraines are hereditary. (Thanks, Mom!) I had my first one after working a dc Talk concert a few years ago, but then nothing for years and years. Recently however, they've become more frequent.

Unlike most people I've talked with about them, I have zero warning signs and no known triggers. I always dream that I'm having one and then wake up in the middle of the night with one. I'm extremely sensitive to light, sound and movement. I'm often sick to my stomach. I rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. 10 being I'm praying for death. I've only had one of those, back in April of this year. Oh my gosh, it was the worst ever. I wanted to scream and cry, but that only made it worse. I just prayed and prayed and eventually I fell to sleep, but that one lasted at least half the day. If I only knew what caused them, I would stop doing it. Are there any migraine sufferers out there? What do you do to feel better? Suggestions are welcome.


Yesterday morning, I went to my mom's Pampered Chef show. Poor mom had a bunch of her friends dropped out at the last minute and needed more bodies. I didn't exactly volunteer, but I came anyway since I love her. It was fun though. I even ate pizza that had: zucinni, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. If you know me, you know that was huge. I mostly ate everything. I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it either. I was actually proud of myself. That's a small victory, right?

Pampered Chef is the coolest thing since Crocs. Though, Crocs weren't very popular with everyone, so maybe that's not the best example? ha My sister recently became a demonstrator and is doing a GREAT job at parties and promoting her business. If you'd like to host a party or contact her about ordering Pampered Chef, please email her at:

Or you can come to the party I'm having at my house on November 10th at 6:30pm. Let me know, I'd love to have you!


Last night, my sister asked me to come help her promote her business at the Corner Festival. We had the chance to speak with a lot of people, some of them actually familiar with PC and were interested in purchasing items. So, hopefully she'll drum up some business from it! It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, I wasn't technically prepared for the cold of the evening once the sun went down! Wheweee! By the end of the night, my jacket was zipped up, with my hood on and my shoulders and arms hurt from being buried in my pocket for three hours! I was warmer moving around and after a while didn't care how stupid I must have looked. I did everything but jumping jacks. Despite the cold, I had fun hanging out with my sister for a solid block of time. We played word games, talked and just laughed.

When we got back home, Tootie and Carl were on the couch watching Little People movies. Poor Tootie is sick with bronchitis and an ear infection, but that didn't stop him from climbing all over me like he always does. He's so funny. We were working on a puzzle and suddenly he said, "Aunt Mer, lay ground." As soon as I turned over, he attacked me. I love it though, except when he head butts me, which he actually does often. He'll laugh and say, "Head butt. Head butt." He asked me to, "Read book" too, but he was more interested in the Little People movie, which was OK with me. It was an episode I hadn't seen before. What does that mean when a movie holds the attention of a 23 month old and a 31 year old??

Pray that he gets better soon. Not only for the sake of all those he comes in contact with, but because his TWO year old birthday party is this Saturday! Though, his birthday is actually on the 13th. Wow, how can he be two years old already??


OK, guess I need to get busy with my chores for the day: mowing the lawn, raking up some leaves, doing laundry, going to the gym, vacuuming the whole house and going grocery shopping for lunch items. That's a lot to do for one day, not sure every thing's going to get done.

Happy trails!


~Amanda~ said...

Jumping Jacks in the cold...I totally understand. I wrote a few blogs this past week and someone I know took them very personally even though they weren't written about her or her family. It has been heck since and has made me question if I should write things that are truly on my heart even though there's a risk of someone trashing me on her blog as she did this week. Soo, I'm right there with you girl!

Poet4Him77 said...

I'm sorry you're going through that. It's definitely not a fun situation. On one hand, you want to be able to just write about whatever, without any backlash. But of course, there's some responsibility to "main tain"; if you know what I mean. It's finding that balance which I find difficult. It's enevitable... if you're around me long enough, you will end up in my blog. :) I guess we just have to take it on a case-by-case basis?