Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shark Week

Shark Week. How I love Shark Week on the Discovery channel. I'm so enthralled by sharks. As I type, I'm recording several programs about them. I have a healthy fear and appreciation of them. Which is why my little toes didn't venture too far within the ocean last week. Of course, it wasn't just the sharks on my mind, but the ever present jellyfish. What fluid creatures they are... but I didn't want to be on the tail end of their struggle to survive.

I mowed the grass yesterday, which is technically now Monday, but the funniest thing kept occurring. I would have loved to have the kind of camera which took pictures over a longer span of time. There was a symphony of teeny grasshoppers, um hopping out of the way, as I mowed a long. It was quite a sight. Isn't it funny how God makes each of us to appreciate the little things in life?

I thought of something really clever to talk about earlier, and now that I sit in front of this not-so-blank-screen now, I can't think what it was.... oh well anyway, I need to go to bed.

Happy trails!

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