Saturday, July 19, 2008

Running on empty

Welcome back my friend, Stacey! I've missed reading about your life!

I should have been in bed hours ago. Correction. I've been in bed for hours, just not asleep. You see, I've always had this "ability" to not sleep when something exciting is about to happen. (IE leaving for the beach in... EIGHT hours!!) I told myself tonight not to make a big deal of it (trying to psycho-analyze myself, crazy, huh?) Sometimes it works though... Alas, not this time. Good thing I'm not driving. A.D.D. land will be around tomorrow. Maybe I can just sleep some in the car. Lord please give my attitude a reality check as I know I'm going to be grumpy on so little sleep.

I've been pretty stressed this week. I had a lot to remember to do ahead of time and make sure people knew what to do. Please don't let them call me! I'm expecting to have an amazing time recharging my battery. I've been running on empty way too long. I can't wait to lie in the hammock, feel the ocean breeze and read a good book. Or better yet, work on my own book! Thanks to the HARD work and DEDICATION of my editors, Tammy and Jennifer, I now hold in my hands (OK, actually it's in my back pack) the 3rd edited draft of Strength In The Struggle. Very excited about what God's going to do with this. It's so amazing to have a vision, then watch as God unfolds it before my very eyes.

Oh boy. 2am? I'm going to need Starbucks on the way, aren't I? Which reminds me, I've been REALLY good not drinking caffeine the past month or so. I definitely miss things such as Diet Mt Dew and Diet Sunkist, but I've found that I feel better not having that extra 'whatever' coursing through my veins. Yeah me.

Ok, I must sleep. If I don't post again before I return....

Happy Trails!


StaceyStace said...

Enjoy your trip to the beach! Please let me know when you get back so we can get that cup of coffee and I want to hear more about your book. =)

Poet4Him77 said...

Stacey! I definitely will. I'd love to tell you about my vision. I'm hoping (praying) God's going to do amazing things with it.

I've been at the beach for a few hours now and it's quite nice. I can't wait to wiggle my toes in the sand and feel the water lap against my toes! :)