Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!!

Wow, it's been a while since I've written. It's not for lack of material. My brain has been whirling with things to say, but haven't had the opportunity. I took a break from "normal" life and went on vacation all last week. I spent 9 days with family. It was awesome. I actually brought my computer with me to journal, but alas, I was in the country and my parents only have dial up. I frankly didn't have the patience to deal with it, you know?

We didn't really do anything (but chase Grant around the house), didn't really go anywhere, just spent quality time together. I loved it. Even if I was on Aunt duty a lot and only got to watch one movie completely through. That's OK too. Grant's adorable. I'll have to upload some pictures of him later.

Highlights of the past week:
  • My best friend came into town and we did fun goofy stuff together as well as had a really serious conversation in Starbucks. She was sharpening my iron, but I didn't like it. Who does? She gave me a lot to think about though. I'm sure that'll come up later in different posts.
  • Saw "August Rush". GREAT movie. Clean. Amazing music! (I downloaded the soundtrack off iTunes.) Take your kids. You won't be dissapointed.
  • Singing Grant to sleep. I love when he snuggles into me and lays his head onto my chest.
  • Laughing hysterically with my sister at a time when we were supposed to be quiet, which of course made it funnier. She kept snorting, which would set me off again. Good times.
  • Reading a great book until time stood still, and I looked at the clock and it read 3AM.
  • Watching Grant crack up when I 'rattled' a plastic bag. Kids are the best, aren't they? All these presents and he's intertained by such simple things. Let that be a lesson to us. Later in the week, a yard stick was his toy. (Sidenote: why is a yard stick called a yard stick, when it's actually more than a yard?)
  • Family dinner at my parents. Everyone around the table, talking about everying. Great times.
  • Watching people open gifts. I love that part. Seeing the joy on their faces.
  • My favorite gift, a posturpedic pillow. The best thing since flannel sheets.
  • An adventure with my Aunt, a girls day out. We ate lunch at Zaxby's and went to see "P.S. I Love You". Another great movie. Clever. Touching. I teared up a few times and also cracked up too. (I have this inate ability to predict when something funny is about to happen on screen. So, if you're ever in a movie and hear laughter before the audience laughter, that's probably me.)
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was completely different than what I thought it would be!!! But still amazing at times. Definitely worth the experience, but something I won't attend again. (Funny story, at the end, after new years celebration, he host guy said they had a special treat for us. Apparently the lead singer of Styx is from Alabama and agreed to come out and give a mini concert. I know this shows not only my age, but my lack of music knowledge past say 1995, but my friends and I had NO IDEA who this person was!! But boy, the crowd loved him!!) We actually ended up leaving early, as the concert was still going strong at 12:30 and we were sleepy.
Anyway, enough rambling out of me. I've been a bum today, because I could. Yeah, no work! I need to get out of bed and head over to a party. So, good talking with you my friends. I hope you and your family have a blessed New Year. May this be a year where in 365 days we can look back and praise Him for all He's done in our lives.

"Life is an open invitation to adventure for all. It’s not only for the brave, but for the timid-hearted as well… The great adventure of life in Christ is possible not because the world is "safe" but because our Father God is watching over us. We will never take a trip without him. We will never be left behind. We will never put our head down on a pillow at night and be alone. Our God is with us where he belongs… Because of the security of His perfect love, we can be honest about where we are and dream of where we would like to go. Our fears and hopes are in our Father’s safekeeping." - Sheila Walsh


StaceyStace said...

Hey, I've been wondering about you! Glad you're back. Happy New Year!

Poet4Him77 said...

Hey, yes, I'm back. Sorry to concern you. :) Happy New Year to you as well! I still owe you those CDs whenever you're free. haha

Rachel said...

It's nice to meet you. I absolutely LOVE your title..."Strength in the Struggle." Nicely put! Thanks for your words of encouragment.

Poet4Him77 said...

Hey Rachel, Thanks for leaving a comment. Always nice to meet new people.

"Strength in the struggle" comes from two different places. One, there's a great song by Lindsay Haun, called Broken. Also, one of the best books (in my opinion) by Margaret Becker, "With New Eyes". There's a chapter where she explains that without the struggle in our lives, we wouldn't be strong in Him. Often, He allows us to go through things so that we might learn to lean on Him.