Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Plethora of Events

First things first, Grant took his FIRST STEPS Saturday morning! It was such a special treat for me to witness this momentous occasion! Precious little boy, I love that kid!

Side note: he cried when I left today, which both made me sad and happy. He's never cried when I've left before. (Though, usually, he's just had his last bottle and he's about to go night-night, so maybe he doesn't realize what's happening.) But he always cries when he says bye-bye to his granny. I was feeling left out. Like he didn't love me. So, strangely, it made me smile.

I got my hair cut today. Nothing like the last time! My sister's friend, Talya, came to Stephanie's house and cut both our hair. Wasn't that nice of her? She reshaped my hair and chopped off a good bit. She said I really need to grow my bangs out, so I'll try. (I've had bangs since the 3rd grade!)

I did my grocery shopping for the month today at Walmart. Man, was that place crazy busy! And even though I went up and down every isle, sometimes more than once, I STILL forgot things on my list (which I left at home).

Have you been watching the competition for the next Iron Chef (on the Food Network)? I've been watching it every week and my favorite guy, Michael Symon made it to the top two tonight! Next week will see who the winner is!!

I stumbled upon this on YouTube: Damien Rice - I Remember. They are completely amazing! So passionate! Check out!

Darn the time change! Oh well, the extra hour was nice today. I felt as though I got more accomplished. Marked some chores off my list of never ending chores. Hope you all had a good day, out there in Blog Land. Off to bed for myself.

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