Monday, October 8, 2007

Seasonal Friendships

I was doing some "forgiveness" research on Google and found this poem... wanted to share it with you:

Creator gave me another day to live
Surrounded by sparkling sunlight
I greet the morning with gladness
Knowing He watches over me
Which is why I can forgive those
Who are hot, cold, inconsiderate

Pure blue sky with snow white clouds
Soon another summer will be gone
Just like the love and friendship of some
That come and go like the seasons
Just when it seems you can count on them
They disappear into other relationships

Lush green grass abundant with plants
Flowers in such variety to cause gasps
Roses like red velvet,irises like blue silk
Nature takes my breath away each day
Unlike fickle humanity that disappoints
Vacuous pals, there only when it suits them

Trees stalwart sentinels reaching towards sky
Mountains topped like vanilla ice cream cones
Oceans with waves cresting in white foam
That crash upon sultry sandy beaches
Praise God for a few friends who never waver
Steadfast like Creator, I pity the other kind

E T Waldron-2006

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