Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warrior Yoga

I went to bed at 9:30 last night.  Yes, 9:30PM!  Asleep by 9:45!!  Sheer craziness, I tell you!  It literally hurt to have my eyes open one more second.  I had weird dreams again and woke up at one point, hoping it wasn't 5AM yet.  I didn't want to look at the clock, but did and found it was only midnight.  Yes!  Five more hours of sleep!

I actually woke up late... 5:01.  I gotta do better and get up around 4:55.  Oy.  I need to be dressed and ready to go when Jason gets here.  If he has to get up early to come to me, then I too need to get up early.  But it's only the second day, I'm sure I'll do better as time goes on. 

Since I didn't get vertical until 5:15, I decided we needed to make the most of our time we had left and do Bob Harper's "Yoga for the Warrior: 15 Min Abs".  Knowing Bob as I do, from watching years of his training on The Biggest Loser, I knew this would be very hard! 

I was NOT disappointed!  It was hard, very hard.  From the very moment the stretches started, we knew we were in the world of hurt for the next 15 minutes.  But it's only 15 minutes, right?  Who can't do 15 minutes?  Whew!  Trust me, those 15 minutes seemed like twice that amount.  But we both did a great job!!  Today, we both were grunting and pleading for him to make the pain stop!  haha 

I must admit, I said "can't" a lot more today, but unlike yesterday, I continued to do the work!!  That, my friends, is a huge improvement over yesterday!  I did have to modify some of the exercises because of my sciatic nerve issues, but I was able to do most of it!  My pretzel of a boyfriend did an amazing job!  I'm so proud of him!!

OK, enough for today.  I need to go get a shower and head to the polls to VOTE today before work.  Later today, I get to hang out with one of my favorite people in the world and see "October Baby".  By the time I get home tonight, it'll be straight to bed for me!  Have a good day everyone.

I'm Proud of Myself Today Because... Even though I said "can't", I pushed through the pain and kept going!
Today's Accomplishment: no Subway cookies and extra lettuce and spinach on sandwich (this hasn't happened yet, but it will later.)
Tomorrow's Goals: drink more water; get up on time

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