Friday, March 16, 2012


The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga routine is NOT for the fain of heart.  I always dread that particular workout with Bob, as I know it'll hurt during, after and for days to come.  :)  Hurt is good though, right?  At least that's what everyone says.  This is the second time we've done this workout this week.  Mr. Bendy is amazing at it!  Oh, to be able to move and stretch and hold posses like he does!  Someday!  I'm learning, albeit begrudgingly, that I often have to do the modified version.  As long as I'm still pushing myself, I'm getting the same results.

There was a time (about 3-4 years ago) when I was working out consistently at the Y.  Every Tuesday night they offered a class called Body Flow.  It's a triad workout: Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates which built flexibility and strength.  When I first started, I was clumsy, unbalanced and struggled with many of the holds (like now), but I eventually got it.  My body started to change, adapt and soon I was rotating through the posses without any problems.  I need to remember that.  I always want to hit the ground running at peak level, but forget I have to work up to that.

This week hasn't been easy, but I've been shocked and slightly amazed that I've actually been able to wake up early all week.  After the workout is finished and Mr. Bendy goes off to work, I'm left here to write for about an hour or so.  I love the quiet of the morning to think and pray and write.  It gets my creative juices flowing.  Even if I'm only writing about my workout, everything else will come.  Being the Active Ingredient last year was a lot of fun, but my passion for writing and taking pictures got put on the back burner.  Which is fine, but I've missed that aspect of what makes me me.  I'm excited to see what opportunities God brings in this new year as I learn what it means to Create Something Beautiful. 

Oh, which reminds me, I've been wanting to share with you something I read recently while waiting for Jason at his work.  It was actually in a fire sprinkler magazine, but the source is irrelevant.  The facts are pretty amazing and might change you or someone you know.  It's the 45-10-10 Principle:

45 - $0.45 is the current cost for a stamp
10 - 10 Minutes of time
10 - 10 Days of commitment

The articles theory is that you never know how one hand written note might change someones world.  In this day and age of modern conveniences such as email, we've lost the personal connection with others.  We shoot of constant texts and emails to one another, who ever takes the time to actually WRITE out a letter or note to someone they love?  I want to challenge you to make this commitment for 10 days, for 10 minutes for the cost of $0.45 to connect with a friend you've been meaning to say hello to.  I'll do it as well.  I have two pen pals whom I know would love to hear from me. If you do take on this challenge, I'd love to hear about it.  Feel free to leave me a comment about your experience.

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