Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Ramblings

I got my nights and days a little mixed up this weekend, so last night I only got four hours of sleep. I knew today would be a FULL day so I should have tried going to bed earlier, but no matter. It was indeed a long, long day. Not only dealing with the normal stresses, but also, still trying to think ahead of what I need to do before leaving. My boss has been interviewing; hopefully someone will get hired soon! I'm ready to move on. It's honestly kinda freaking me out.... to move from somewhere where I know exactly what's expected of me, to somewhere new, where I don't know what to expect at all. It'll be interesting, but I'm ready.

I did surprisingly well on so little sleep. Part of me wanted to come home and go straight to bed, but I was to meet a friend at the Y. (She actually didn't show up, but that didn't matter.) I jogged/walked for 25 minutes. I continue to amaze myself. Just when I think I can't run anymore, I push myself a little longer and a little further. I discovered that my best running partner, as far as music is concerned, is Linkin Park (the clean version). Something about it, just spurs me on. I get to the fast part in the song, bump up the mph and start jogging. My friend recommended threading my iPod cord through my shirt so I wouldn't have to deal with the cord constantly flopping all around while I ran. It did the trick! Great suggestion, Melissa!

Almost immediately, my shins were hurting and my feet felt like bricks, but I just pushed through the pain. It wasn't horrible, just uncomfortable. The runner's high far out weighs the pain! I was just listening to a past sermon today and my pastor mentioned he'd never had a runner's high. I can't imagine! I get one every time I work out! Thank goodness! Some days are definitely harder than others.

After my cardio session, I lifted most of my weights (9 of 12). I have to find a happy place sometimes to escape the pain in my arms. There are certain machines that I just don't like; but I do them anyway. Once I was all done working out, I realized how proud I was of myself for working out on so little sleep. Just think what I can do when I've had good rest.

I went to Publix on the way home. I hope I didn't knock anyone out with my lovely fragrance. I always feel like Pig Pen after having a good workout. My main reason was to get an onion, which I forgot to get at Walmart yesterday. But I found all sorts of random goodies, like: sunflower seeds (for a breakfast cereal recipe you put together that's full of fiber), sushi (California Rolls - my friend Amy got me hooked on those), Pina Colada Sobe, two baking potatoes, AAA batteries, just to name a few. I just realized that you probably don't care what was in my shopping cart. I could be wrong? I'm always fascinated by what other people consider to be mundane details about their life, so I figured you might be as well?

Oh, as I'm leaving, the bag boys always offer to take my groceries to the car. I guess that's just a Publix kind of thing to do. I always tell them, "No, thank you." To which they ask again, "Are you sure?" "Yes, I'm fine. Thanks." I thought about that tonight. Why is it that I don't want to accept help? I mean, in this culture, I'm frankly used to doing things on my own. Chivalry seems to be mostly dead, so I'm just used to fending for myself. But should I allow them to help me to the car? What do you think? What's been your experience?

Growing up, whenever my mom brought food to someone, she always made two. One for them, one for us. So when I got home, I made two Overnight Chicken Casseroles. There are many steps involved and it took me probably longer than it should take, but I enjoyed making them. I'm hoping to bring one to my friend Tammy, who a few weeks ago gave birth to baby Isaiah. I can only imagine how tired new moms must be so I wanted to do something special for them. I hope they like it.

Wow, I just realized how tired I am. My eyes were literally closed on that sentence. I don't remember why I originally was going to post, but I'm falling asleep now. I'd better go pick out my clothes for tomorrow and get to bed.

Happy trails!


Anonymous said...

ok... I have not left you a comment, because my voice is mute in many ways... I loved this entry because it is so true... so... I loved it, I love you and I have always been better in writing than in words... that is not a certain muteness... just a "talent" if you are good at math... you surely are not a wiz at english... correct?! I love you and miss you!


Poet4Him77 said...

Hey Sweet Friend! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Always feel free to do so! I love to hear what people think, esp when they relate to what I'm going through.

I love and miss you as well!