Sunday, February 22, 2009

Legacy Manual

During my time with Aliant Mortage, I've kept a file called "Legacy", filled with many instructions (how to's). My job is pretty random; rarely the same day twice. I'm responsible for A LOT of little things behind the scenes. So, once I knew I'd be leaving, I needed a way to help my replacement out. Too many details for the person to remember once I'm gone, so I created a training manual. I also created this cover - the picture is mine too! I'm quite proud of it!

There are 17 different categories, each one filled with step-by-step instructions and screen shots on how to do everyday tasks. My coworkers were really impressed, "You really are good at organizing." "Told you," I said.

Bringing order to chaos is going to come in really handy in my next job. I'm looking forward to creating a system and implementing it. Then when new things come in, it won't seem so overwhelming for all involved.

Please be praying that the right person is hired to replace me! I don't want to leave Aliant in a lurch without me, but I also don't want to my new boss to have a handicap either.


Rachel said...

Great job!! When I used to manage an accounting department, I tried to get everyone to make one of these for their job as I trained them when they first started and when they took over new tasks. It was invaluable!

Good for you to be self-motivated to get that put together! It shows that you really care!!

Poet4Him77 said...

Thanks, Rachel! I LOVE to organize and I had a lot of fun putting this manual together! I wanted whomever was to take my place to have a sense of what was going on. When I first started, it was trial by fire. It was rough! So if I can help prevent that, I want to try!