Friday, December 19, 2008

Does 24 Really Equal 24?

Can someone explain to me why three sets of eight hurt way more than two sets of twelve? For the past month, I've been lifting the same amount of weight and reps, but man, those last set of 8 nearly kill me. OK, yes, that's a tad over dramatic. It just hurts a lot. Why is that? Anyone have a logical explanation?

Tonight was the first time I've been able to go work in a week since being sick. Man, I missed it! I really would have loved to do more, but I didn't want to push myself right away. Allow my body to heal a bit more before I get back in the zone. I lifted for an hour... all but one of my machines. I call it "superman". I strongly dislike it. Not because it hurts - it does - but I always feel like every one's looking at me. You see, you have to lie down on this one, with your bottom sticking up in the air. It just makes me so self-conscious. I'm sure it's all in my head.

I was lamenting to myself, yes, I was talking to myself. I do that a lot. Self, I said. Yes, you're not losing weight, but you haven't gained any either! I'm in the middle of my 4Th month at the Y and I've lost at least a whole pant size. That says progress to me! Why does it always have to be about what the scale says? I guess I just want to drop big numbers like the contestants on The Biggest Loser. But, let's face it, I'm sure they work out crazy hours a day and get no treats within their diet. I bet if I fully committed I'd see drastic changes too... am I ready for that yet though?

I asked Simon (the athletic trainer on duty, also the one who's taught me how to use everything) about why I'm not losing weight like I'd like to be. Basically he said it's just hard for girls to lose weight. Thanks, Simon! Why is it so easy for us to put ON the weight, but not take it OFF? Explanations anyone?

I'm a master at sabatauze (I have no idea how to spell that!) in my life. It's best not to set the standard too high, so if I fail, I don't fall too far. Gosh, that sounds so horrible for me to say that "out loud", but in some respects, it's honestly true. It's hard to recover from disappointing myself. I don't know if that makes me weird or not. You see, I play tricks with myself. Reverse psychology in a sense. OK, you must think I'm crazy. Anyway, whatever works, right?

What it boils down to, is I'm really proud of myself. What I've accomplished thus far is great! I'm definitely more self confident. It's changing me... and I love it. Look out world, here I come!!

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Melissa said...

Hmmm...Wish I had $40/day to spend on food! I could make some REALLY yummy stuff. But Rachael always ended up filling up on appetizers as entrees and free rolls. :)

Congrats on your commitment to keep working out! I makes a difference, whether the scale reflects it or not.

Great job out of you!