Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Have you ever watched Rachel Ray's $40 a Day show on the Food Network? The premise, like the title says, she attemps to eat three separate meals (including tip) in one day on $40. Let's face it people, this can't be easy. In fact, $40 doesn't go as far as it used to. Wow, did I really just say that? How old am I? 80?

I bring up this fact because my work gave all the employee's either $40 to Wal-mart or HoneyBaked Ham. There were a few things I wanted at Wal-mart so I chose that. It wasn't until tonight, when semi-wandering through the isles, that I realized the things which I "wanted" were going to have to wait. I actually had things I "needed" instead. I suppose this is one of the those days where one realizes things such as this are all apart of growing up.

I wanted a yoga mat ($20) and three bag laundry sorter on wheels ($35).... $45. Gift card = $40. You see my problem. I decided to look at that which I needed instead: a clock for my bathroom and socks.

I find it sad and strangely satisfying to have bought these items. Is that weird?


Staceystace said...

Not weird at all...a girl must have cute socks and a clock in the bathroom!

Rachel said...

Yup, seen the show. It's fun, and you're right, it is harder these days.

And - cute socks!! I need some new ones myself. Might have to check them out. . .