Friday, October 31, 2008

Keep Paddling

[Written: 10/31] Ahhh, the possibilities of blank page are endless. Sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes it keeps me away. Keeps me from writing about things going on, for fear I’ll sound stupid or that you won’t even care. I write a lot of really good blog posts… in my head, while driving. But by the time I get home and in front of the screen, I tend to stare at the blank page wondering what to say. Or worse, and honestly the norm, I get distracted by something else. I want my posts to be entertaining or encouraging, but I often feel my monotonous days wouldn’t be very interesting. Though, that’s the very thing I love to read on other’s blogs. So, what’s to stop me from doing the same? I’m going to try not to care and just write. That’s usually when the magic occurs anyway. When I mean for one thing to happen, God will step in and write something completely different. He can’t use me though if I’m not writing. Note to self: Gotta write more. My Grandpa used to say, “Keep paddling.” If he were here, I believe he might say, “Keep writing.”

It’s at the end of the day here at work and I’m going on STRIKE! Well, at least until tomorrow. It’s been a long day and I’m eager for this part of my day to be over. From here, I’m picking up my car from NTB. It was time to get my tires rotated, balanced and aligned. [Little known fact, if you buy a tire from NTB, they’ll give you FREE rotating & balancing for the life of the tire.] I try to get it done every time I get my oil changed, but it’s not always a feasible option.

My cars had a lot of work done on it this week. I noticed one my headlights were out sometime last week. (No wonder I couldn’t see very well at night.) I was fearful I might get a ticket for it and wanted to take care of it as quickly as possible. I asked my sister what I needed to do. She recommended calling Toyota to see what part I’d need or if something else was wrong. But instead, I went to Wal-mart, looked up the make/model in the book thingy and bought two bulbs for only $10. What a blessing, huh? I was expecting to have to pay $40+.

When I got my oil changed on Tuesday (Ladies day for a discount of $5!), I asked them if they’d be able to change my headlight bulb for me. They did it while everything else was going on and they didn’t charge me anything! Another blessing! After today’s work, it should drive like a brand new car!

I’m eager to relieve some stress tonight at the Y. I’m taking a Yoga class. I haven’t been back since the first time I tried it. But now, I have two months worth of Body Flow under my belt, so it should be easier. I’m finding that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was, especially when it comes to things like: Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Oh it still makes me sore and often kicks my rear, but I’m able to do most everything. Or at least, a modified version of what the others are doing.

I’m really proud of myself. I’m at the end of my second month working out at the Y and although I haven’t really lost any weight, my clothes are fitting differently. I bought these one pair of pants from Old Navy last year that were too small for me. But I need goals to attain in order for me to accomplish anything. I hung them in my closet and would try them on every now and then to check my progress. It wasn’t until I started working out hardcore at the Y that I was able to wear them. In fact, within the last two weeks, they’ve become too big on me! PTL!! If not for my tummy (grrrr), they’d fall right off me. What an accomplishment!

I tried to find a tape measure in Wal-mart the other day, so I could measure myself and track my progress before I get too far into this journey. But I wasn’t able to find one. Would you have any ideas where to look? I figured it’d be in the sewing section.

In September, I was attending Sunday-Thursday and taking Friday and Saturday off. This month, I’ve set more realistic goals. Now, I’m going Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday. My absolutely favorite class meets on Tuesday, Body Flow. Then I’m lifting weights (ten machines for a combined total of 11,000 lbs) on Wednesday and Sunday. Thursday is my “whatever-I-feel-like-doing-day.” There’s a class, Body Jam (think hip-hop), which is fun, but kills my knees. Maybe once I lose some weight, it won’t be so hard on me. I’m staying busy and active and there’s just so much to do at the Y, I never get bored. It’s really such a blessing.

A few years ago, my uncle used to go to the Y too. For some reason my Grandmother always called it “The Spa”. It’s become a running joke with my mom and I that I’m going to the spa. I wish. I’ve never actually been to a spa before. I’ve never had a pedicure, manicure or even a massage. I need to change that one day. Though, after a good work out, all the endorphins have flooded my body and I feel like I could conquer the world. Or at least, fold the mound of clothes I have waiting for me at home.

Well, it’s about time to clock out now. Thanks for letting me just write for a bit. I hope you are doing well.

Happy trails.

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