Thursday, May 26, 2011

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Sometimes, while driving around, I want to "stop and smell the roses"; take pictures of beautiful things.  I never have my good camera with me though.  I guess I need to start taking it with me where ever I go?  Sometimes after a long, hard day, I'll take backroads to my house.  It's a little bit longer, but the drive is simply more enjoyable!  There's this spot along the way where I always tell myself I should stop there sometime and take some pictures.  Well, tonight, I worked late so traffic was nill. 

As I neared "the spot", my heartbeat got faster and I had to make a decision, pull over or not?  I listened to my inner voice and pulled over to captured this amazing view. It had just rained and there was a calming peace in the air.  After getting a few shots, I got back in my car and drove away; feeling centered and excited.  I love that God's given me the passion for capturing His creation. 

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