Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Red Shoes

This isn't a normal post for me. In fact, if you click the below link and read, you're going to see some cuss words and some questionable material. I'm just warning you.

Ladies, if you do choose to read this. You will have just read the first chapter in a book I recommend you reading, called, "Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral". I know, weird title. But an amazing book. You'll laugh, cry and be inspired to look at and live life in a whole new way. It's one of those books which you just happen upon in the sales bin because it looks "interesting". And the next thing you know, you're immersed within its pages, not coming up for air until the last page. And on that final page, you feel as though you are different some how. As though you've changed through 'sharing' these experiences with the characters. It's just a great book. I hope you read it.

I had a day like the lady below the other day, which is why I thought to share this exerpt. I know we've all had days like this. The fact that it revolved around a desinigrating bra cracked me up, because I too had that problem. Though, mine wasn't a gaping hole. Rather, the under wire attacked me all day long. I sadly 'fixed' it with electrical tape. How sad is that?!? But come on, I know you can relate. There are other things to spend money on right now, like bills and Christmas gifts. Boy am I learning a lesson in trusting Him for my needs. But anyway, that's another post all together. On with the show. I hope you enjoy the read... I hope it makes you laugh!!

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