Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh, look! There's a chicken!

"Some say I have ADD, but they don't understand..... Oh, look! There's a chicken!"

ADD it gets me EVERY time! I haven't had a chunk of time where I could write lately, so I thought tonight would be the perfect opportunity. I was thinking about what I wanted to write about on the way home, but as soon as I got in front of my computer, my attention was immediately scattered all over the place! It's not completely my fault, that is, I was semi researching a topic I just can't seem to get a handle on. It seems simple enough, 'snake shedding its skin'. I KNOW there's a correlation between that and when we grow as Christians, but I can't quite get a handle on it yet. So, I'll mull it over a bit more. Who knows, you might see something soon about that. Which btw, led me to some really interesting videos on YouTube, such as THIS, and THAT. So interesting! (DON'T watch these if you are frightened by snakes. You've been warned.)

I'm not sure how I wandered to the next clip on YouTube, but it's absolutely and utter fascinating!!! A storm chaser, Jim Reed, caught an amazing tornado on film!! The spectacular tornado footage taken 5/8/08 in Western Kansas, watch HERE. Although tornadoes scare me much like sharks, they also hold my attention like nothing else. For a girl with ADD, trust me, this doesn't just happen.

**30 minutes later**

Where was I? I got distracted watching storm chaser videos.

**15 minutes later**

I think it's pointless for me to try and direct myself towards anything substantial at this point. So, I'll share another crazy tornado video with you instead. These guys literally get caught IN the tornado. They show you the view not only from their handheld camera, but also the one on the roof, outside of the car. Check IT out!!

Have you heard about, "Where the Hell is Matt?" My dad told me about this one. Matt went all over the world to... well, actually, check out his story here. What a fun job he has!

Have you seen this ONE? The Sound of Music meets a Belgium train station. Obviously, most of the characters are staged, but still amazing. Look fun, huh?

OK, enough for now. I need to step away from the computer and get some dinner. Hope you had fun with this post. I sure did!

Happy trails!!

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