Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative Juices

I recently stretched some creative muscles on and created some t-shirts. My ultimate goal was to create encouraging and uplifting shirts I could wear to the gym to uplift myself and those around me. I actually wanted to play on the "The Biggest Loser" theme for my sister and I, but decided to head this direction instead.

I'm proud of my creations. I may not be able to paint/draw what's in my head, but I'm pretty good at computer art (visually knowing how to make things look good). This was a fun project and relatively inexpensive as well. I don't know if you've ever used or not before, but I encourage you to check it out. More often than not, you'll find exactly what you're looking for and more. What do you think?


Melissa said...

Very cool.

Rachel said...

Those are awesome! I love it!

hubbers said...

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