Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Super Magnet Man to the Rescue!

There's no time like the present. I don't know who said it, but it's good advice. I got home earlier today from work, so I thought I would blog for a bit and catch you up on my life. I've been extremely busy the past three weeks or so.

I started my new job March 9th. I literally hit the ground running and really haven't stopped since. Having no real knowledge of what I'd actually be doing, I wasn't sure what to expect. But thankfully, I really enjoy it. Every single day is different. Sure, there are similarities each day, such as getting orders packed and out, but then things just come up. Calls come in. So and so wants to design something from scratch. We have to get the dimensions and sketches to our manufacturers in China. Even after everything is approved, it still takes an additional three to four weeks to get shipped. It's crazy, I tell you. But honestly, it's one of the most interesting jobs I've ever had. I learn new things every day.

The applications for magnets are endless!

I just wrote a whole paragraph about all the different applications but then I thought... hmm, maybe that's not the best idea. For copyright issues and security reasons. So, let me just tell you that's it's really neat! We have contracts with people literally all over the world. They can be used for things as simple as refrigerator magnets, to as complex things as helping windmills generate a sustainable amount of power.

Check out our website for more information: www.SUPERMAGNETMAN.net

I really do love my new job! In many ways, I feel like George (he's the Super Magnet Man) swooped down and rescued me from my other job. I'm able to use my skills and abilities here that I never could before. There's a freedom to be who God created me to be without all the red tape. Plus, we often have a lot of fun. I mean, don't get me wrong, it can be quite stressful and frantic (especially on Monday's!), but George always says, "If you're not having fun at work, then you must be doing something wrong."

I'd say the only draw back, is he doesn't offer health insurance. Which is obviously huge. Me being me, having health insurance is not an option. I went through the process of applying for individual coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield, but I found out that they have a maximum weight requirement... and alas, I'm twenty pounds over it. This bit of news sent me into a mini-tailspin, but both my mom and sister turned things around for me. My mom issued a challenge: first to lose twenty pounds would win $200 towards a new clothing budget.

Last week, my sister and I starting our own Biggest Loser challenge! We're keeping a food journal to keep track of not only what we eat, but also our calorie, fat, protein, and sodium intake. So far she's lost 2.5 lbs and I've lost 2lbs. I'm hoping once my "diet" is more under control the weight will start falling off. I already work out at the Y 4-5 times a week.

Twenty pounds is my short term goal, but ultimately I'd like to lose 100!! Crazy, isn't it? I know I can do it though. Once I set my mind to something, I'm not easily persuaded to do anything else. I'm hard-headed and strong-willed that way; both a detriment and benefit to me.

Today my insurance expires and of course today I'm sick. The last time my insurance expired, I got food poisoning. Thankfully, it's nothing like that. I debated about going to the DR. I didn't want to waste money if all they were going to say is it's allergies or a cold. But I also didn't want this to turn into something else and then not be able to go to the DR. So, I wrestled both sides of the coin today and finally decided not to go to the DR. I didn't think I was that sick, just feeling kinda crummy. Apparently there's something floating around. Please pray I get over it quickly. I need to be functioning at full capacity so I can be affective at both work and the Y.

Well, I guess that about covers what's going on with me these last few weeks. Happy trails, my friends!

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