Sunday, March 8, 2009

Carpe Diem

I haven't updated in a week and a TON has happened!!! So hang on, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in.

My boss hired my replacement and I was training her to take over. She's very smart and caught on to everything very quickly. By Wednesday, Steve asked me if I thought she'd be OK the rest of the week; I said yes. So, he graciously gave me the rest of the week "off" and I was to be "on call". Yeah!! I immediately called Stephanie and said, "What are you guys doing tomorrow? Can we go to The McWayne Center??"

During my mini-vacation between my old job and my new job, I had the chance to do a lot of the things I've been meaning to do. I had an opportunity to go to the McWayne Center. I've heard many good things about it and couldn't wait for the chance to go there myself. I haven't been in a few years and a ton has changed. Of course, when I was there last, our group wasn't really allowed to play, we were just seeing a movie at the IMAX. So having a two year old basically gave us an all access pass. (Thanks, Grant!)

I had THE BEST time!! We were there for about three hours?! Our final stop from the mouse house, which Grant loves. He said, "Aunt Mer, come play with me!" I followed him up a few floors and tried to come down the slide. (Though, they aren't really slides, as they have 'steps' inside; obviously for climbing.) He went down first and I tried to follow him, but I quickly realized I could potentially get stuck. He looked back up at me and said, "Aunt Mer, you are too big!" I said, "I know, buddy, I'm trying to find a way out." (A nice, little girl who was playing nearby pointed the way out.)

Look what God created!!

This was really neat. You piled as much sand on the spinning table as you could, turn it on, then slowly drag the stick to create different patterns. I was mesmerized!

I'm not sure what we were supposed to be 'learning' here, but I thought it would make a fun video!

Who doesn't want to play on the piano from Big?? (It's not actually from Big!) This piano was a ton of fun. I kept trying to remember how to play Chop Sticks, but never could find the right notes.

This station was cracking us all up!

What a BEAUTIFUL day!! It's hard to believe last Sunday it was snowing and then Friday was an amazingly gorgeous 78! I spent the day doing yard work. (Actually, I met my mom to look at granite early afternoon, but that's a whole other story. So let's skip ahead.) When I got home, I decided I was going to rake up all the leaves which had blown on the curb next to my house. I was sick of constantly walking through and tracking them into my house and car. Not to mention the fact, I was ready for things to look pretty and since no one else is going to do it, why not me? Having no real tools other than a rake and kitchen gloves (and patience!), I went to work.

I stopped at 5 to meet Amy at the Y. I love exercising but my shins have been hurting more as I try to jog. So instead, I tried the elliptical. I wasn't sure what to expect since the first time I tried it really hurt my back and legs, of course that was about five months ago. I believe I'm in better shape now, even if I don't look like it. I lasted 25 minutes!!! I went forward and backwards; fast and slow and at a normal pace. I was really proud of myself! Then Amy and I did an hour in the weight room. Whew I was exhausted by the time I was done!!

It took a couple hours on Friday and Saturday to get the job done. Eleven 12-gallon trash bags later, it looks tons better! I never would have realized there were that many leaves there. Crazy! I also thoroughly cleaned out, vacuumed, and washed my car... used special protective on the interior... cleaned all the windows and used RainX on them.... used special cleaner on the wheels too. My car looks brand new! Now that I type it out, it doesn't sound like all that much, but it took HOURS to get done.

I've been trying to mow my... well our (my little neighborhood) yard now for two days, but my mower isn't charging correctly; not sure why. If I don't have full charge by tomorrow night, then I'm going to have to track down the manual.

Saturday afternoon I went to the craft fair at the BJCC with my friend Christy. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, but had a great time. When I walked in, I said, "Holy craft, Batman!" At the end of the day, the only things I bought were food.

I was a complete slacker and didn't go to church today. The time changed messed me up! Having had a few days off, I quickly reverted back to my old ways of being a night owl; staying up to 2 and 3 in the morning and sleeping until noon. If I were ever to be a super hero, I think my strength would be sleeping. Though, I don't really think that's a "strength" per se.

I met Amy at the Y and only did weights, but it was still hard. I added the ab roller into my routine. I lost count how many I did, but whew and ouch! Once I got home, I went into cleaning and organizing mode!! My mom and the granite guy are coming over tomorrow and my house was a wreck. I'm so ADD when I clean!!

I started in the kitchen, then got something from the den and noticed my Christmas tree was still up. (I know, I know.) I got the box and put that up but wanted to lessen the confusion for next year. I labeled each section, but I accidentally got Sharpie on my shirt! Ack. Which brought me back to the kitchen. My former coworker said milk gets out ink (it doesn't). I went upstairs to change into something cooler and realized I needed to finish up the wash. I stripped my bed and loaded the washer and unloaded the dryer. I went back downstairs to get the tree and realized it was time to wash the blankets that cover my drafty doors. Back upstairs I went and got distracted by something else. Eventually I made it back to the kitchen to do what I originally wanted to do... empty the dishwasher. haha

I ended up getting everything done though, so that's all that matters. The kitchen is spic & span... down stairs has been vacuumed... All chores except mowing the lawn got done this weekend! Yeah.

Tomorrow.... Monday
I start my new job!!!! I'm both excited and anxious. One of the very cool things I learned last night, I get to wear whatever I want!! That's such a blessing!! I've always hated picking out my clothes for work. Now, I can be comfortable to work hard. I'll let you know how my first day goes!


~Amanda~ said...

Wow you were a very busy bee this weekend!! It WAS beautiful though!! F.Y.I. I mentioned to someone one time about my shins hurting (when I was actually running-HAHA) and she suggested that I not over stretch my legs and to tie my shoelaces tighter. It definitely worked for me. I didn't have pain in my shins anymore. You might could try that and see??

FreeSpirit said...

Wow wow and wow. You are a machine, Meredith! :) ADD or not, you got the job done. I'm proud of you.
About your shins...seriously, be careful. Shin splints (pain or soreness of your shins from running or even vigorous walking) can lead to a stress fracture of the tibia. So BE CAREFUL you workoutaholic. :)
Here's a site worth reading:
Always stretch muscles before/after working them, wear good shoes, and listen to your body. CHEERS!

Staceystace said...

I am impressed, Meredith! I hope your new job is going well.

Poet4Him77 said...

Amanda - thanks for the advice. I actually tried that, but for some unknown reason, my feet fall asleep quickly when working out. It's quite odd. I've actually switched from the treadmilll to the eliptical machine, which has helped in a lot ways. It's tougher in a lot of ways, but better too. However, my feet still fall asleep. Strange.

Poet4Him77 said...

Amy - thanks for being proud. Once I get an idea in my head, I'm usually unstopable. Although, my love of comfort food tends to undermind all my hard work at the gym. I haven't gained any weight... though, I haven't lost any either. I gotta do better about that. Less pudgey, more toned.

Thanks for the link. I just pulled it up and will take a look.

Poet4Him77 said...

Stacey - Thanks! My new job is going well. I really enjoy it. Every day is different, heck, ever hour is different. Always something to do. Business is really good!

Poet4Him77 said...

Amy, that was a great and informative article. Thanks. I think it might be time to get better "running" shoes, even though I'm not actually running. I only got my shoes in September, but I wear them exclusively and all the time. So, they get more wear than in just the gym.