Monday, December 1, 2014

Little Did She Know...

Have you ever seen, "Stranger Than Fiction"?  If not, why?  It's a little gem, which will have you analyzing every day occurrences and quoting fun lines to your friends.  Jason and I love this movie, if for no other reason than the line, "...little did he know...".

Often, we become so wrapped up with every day life, that we forget to look around and see the pockets of grace which God provides.  I suddenly realized today, while reading D$'s blog that it's been more than a year since I've updated my own blog.  What's absolutely crazy is that A LOT of life has happened!  I'm now a wife - married to my bestest friend in all the world!  I'm truly blessed!  More on that another time.

I don't know about you, but I tend to stress over things which are out of my control.  I don't tend to worry so much about the big world events, as I know God is Sovereign and absolutely in control. Frankly, I don't watch the news, just so I keep my eyes focused on Him, rather than worrying.  I know, I know.  Worrying is a sin and not watching the news, probably makes me a really stupid American.  Case in point, I didn't even know anything about Ferguson until it was already over.  But anyway, I digress.  My point is... what is my point?  I completely lost my train of thought.  Could it be that I'm writing at work when I should be working?  Yes, I believe that's why. :)

Little did I know, just how MUCH my life would change since I last posted about being on the verge!  #alltheawesome life events: Engaged: March 19th & soon there after, had the most fun photo shoot ever by Je Vois Photography and were later married: October 19th.  (Pictures to come #soon.)

OK, so much for my random little update.  I need to get back to work.

Happy trails.

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